DMG's New Digital Radio Stations Sound... Interesting

dmg radio.pngOne of the benefits of the upcoming digital radio service set to launch next month is that traditional broadcasters will get to launch new stations. We've already seen Austereo (2DayFM and Triple M) launch their new digital-only station, Radar, and now DMG (Nova and Vega) have announced their new digital stations: Novanation and Koffee. Novanation is a (somewhat obvious) expansion of the Nova brand, focussing on dance music - something the Nova brand can't really do, Koffee, meanwhile is a much more chilled out station targetting older listeners - Think Cafe del Mar and you're on the right track.

Apparently DMG CEO Cathy O'Connor reckons that the young dance music crowd are the right demographic to target, as they're likely to head out and buy a new DAB+ radio. Personally, I think that getting people to upgrade their radio is going to be the toughest part of the whole digital radio transition, so if DMG's research says dance music fans will spend the cash, then this would have to be a clever move on their part.

The stations will be officially switched on in the coming weeks, although you can listen to them now through their respective websites. They will also soon be accessible on your iPhone or iPod touch through apps that DMG has created, although they will be streaming the sound through the web rather than acting as a proper digital radio station.

[DMG, Novanation and Koffee websites]

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