Did You Win The Limited Edition Resident Evil Xbox 360 Bundle?

Did You Win The Limited Edition <em>Resident Evil</em> Xbox 360 Bundle?

ImageDid you win the Limited Edition RE5 Xbox 360 bundle? I can hardly contain my excitement!Well, if your handle is Pocketmanzz, then yes, you have won! If that’s not your handle… we’re really sorry! Take solace in the fact that picking the winner from over 750 entries was a time-consuming and difficult process.

So Pocketmanzz, this is what you’ve won:

A limited edition red Xbox 360 Elite, complete with matching red controller; a copy of Resident Evil 5; an Xbox 360 headset; a 120GB HDD (technically part of the elite, I guess); a downloadable RE5 theme and a bonus card to download Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

And for everyone else, this is what it takes to write a great Haiku:

Eyes red, fingers numb
Zombie winter almost done
Xbox must not sleep

Thanks to everyone for entering!

[Limited Edition Xbox 360 Comp on Giz]