Custom Acer Aspire One Covered By Zen Artwork, Substantial Insurance Policy

UFO-Hayashi, famed Japanese gadget artist, applied his Midas Touch to an Acer Aspire One and gave the budget netbook a fully-loaded MacBook Air price tag. Question is, would you travel with a $US3,000 netbook?

Now don't get me wrong, I want ten of these things, but the art is so slick and the final result so expensive, that this would never leave the custom, hermetically sealed glass case I'd have to create for it. And, should it leave the glass case for travel purposes, I fear I'd need white cotton gloves, a bodyguard and a portable padded room just to have peace of mind.

This, of course, would defeat the purpose of an ultra portable, inexpensive netbook. If you're rich and care-free however, go to town over at Ebay. [Ebay via Gadgetmix]

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