Cry About the Nightmare Economy Under Kohler's Flipside Showerhead

Marketing a $US130 handshower as a recession-friendly bathroom upgrade is pretty ballsy, but, if there's anywhere I'd weep about losing my retirement, it'd be under the Flipside's "layer of dense, soft, enveloping downpour of relaxation."

The Flipside has four separate modes, which you pick from by simply flipping the shower head like a coin, instead of trying to grab that annoying ring most adjustable showerheads use:

•Koverage - for a traditional, everyday shower with maximum water coverage that is perfect for
the morning shower routine
• Kotton - streams a layer of dense, soft, enveloping downpour of relaxation that caresses your
• Komotion - a drenching spray that delivers an exhilarating, circular pattern to refresh the senses
after a tightly-wound day
• Kurrent - provides a focused and invigorating massage spray to target tired or aching muscles

And obviously you can re-purpose the modes for whatever else you can think of. My mum said the first thing she always did when she moved in somewhere new was replace the crappy showerhead, so maybe this isn't the worst time ever to sell this thing, at least to people taking advantage of the real estate crash to buy new digs.

Update: Apparently, it's going to have a list price of $US107, meaning you can find it for even cheaper. [Kohler]

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