Colour E-Paper Gets a Huge Bump

Electrofluidic Display Technology is an invention by "University of Cincinnati, Sun Chemical, Polymer Vision and Gamma Dynamics" that hits the level of quality required for people to accept it in e-readers like the Kindle. Woo.

"If you compare this technology to what's been developed previously, there's no comparison," says developer Jason Heikenfeld, assistant professor of electrical engineering in UC's College of Engineering. "We're ahead by a wide margin in critical categories such as brightness, colour saturation and video speed."

The thing works in a similar manner as the current colour e-paper technology. A voltage is applied to a surface that brings "pigment" out of storage and applies it to the viewable area. When the voltage is stopped, the pigment goes back into storage for reuse.

Not only does this mean colour e-book readers, which is just as nice to have for standard books, it can mean colour COMIC book readers, which would blow my mind. Yes please. [UC via Boing Boing]

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