CNBC Is Ridiculous: Macs Come With Photoshop, PCs Need $US600 Extra to 'Perform As Well As a Mac'

Regular people are probably confused by the re-inflamed Mac vs. PC ad war, which now focuses on price. Never fear, CNBC's Jim Goldman breaks down the true cost of PCs. Wait, Macs come with Photoshop?

According to CNBC's Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, PCs need the following things to "perform as well as a Mac": $US50 a year for anti-virus software, $US104 multimedia software, $US100 music software, $US140 "Photoshop—you get that with Apple" and $US129 for a Geek Squad visit. Over $US600 worth of extra stuff. Oh, and Macs get 4x the battery life, have faster processors and a higher resolution screen.

Um. What? Last time I checked, you can get pretty decent antivirus software for free, my MacBook Pro didn't come with Photoshop, and iTunes was free on OS X and Windows. For multimedia, you've got Windows Media Centre, which is also pretty free. And Picasa—hey, it's free too—isn't a bad alternative to iPhoto. Okay, you might have to spend money on video editing software, since MovieMaker ain't so hot. But you know what? A lot of the stuff MobileMe charges you $100 a year to get, Windows Live provides for free, like SkyDrive's 25GB of storage. I would also like to meet this mythical Mac with an all-day battery, since we sure haven't seen it.

Look, there are some valid reasons to pick a Mac over a PC, just like there are valid reasons to pick a PC over a Mac. But you shouldn't smear blatant horseshit all over them, especially when it's already confusing enough for regular people, your audience, Mr. CNBC Silicon Valley Bureau Chief. [CNBC - Thanks Jason U.!]

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