Chariot Wearable Robot Vehicle Turns You Into a Cyborg From the Waist Down

Designed for amputees and individuals that have difficulty walking, Exmovere's Chariot is a wearable robotic vehicle that can be controlled by subtle movements in the hips.

Because of it's compact size, users can move about in tight spaces easier than they could in a wheelchair or scooter—and it can travel at speeds of up to 19kph making it a efficient method of transport. Essentially it's a Segway that you can wear. Yeah, it sort of makes people look like a vacuum, or like they are wearing some sort of robotic skirt—but there is no doubt that this concept is certifiably badass.

Production versions of the Chariot should be available sometime in the near future, and there are plans to integrate a feature that would allow users to switch from a standing to a seated position as needed. [Business Wire via Gizmowatch via Botopolis]

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