Mobile-Smuggling Pigeons Are a Jailbird's Best Friend

Hey you jailkeepers, you know how the inmates been asking about keeping harmless little pigeons around? Well, it's a con: They're using them to smuggle in mobile phones.

The AP reports that at the Danilio Pinheiro prison in Sorocaba, Brazil, inmates were raising pigeons, having them smuggled out, strapped with packs on their legs containing mobile phone parts and, in one instance, an entire cell charger. The pigeons' weakness? Food. Guards were able to lure them down from the high fences, and foil the dastardly schemes of the as-yet-unknown culprits.

It's a funny story, but it's not super hilarious when you learn that the mobile phones are smuggled into prisons so that the imprisoned gang leaders can carry out horrific attacks on police and public transportation, as Sao Paolo's First Capital Command gang did in 2006, killing over 200 people.

So if you see a pigeon chilling on the prison wall, shoot first, and then frisk it for mobile parts. [SF Gate/AP]

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