Casio’s Exilim Phone Ads Make Me Want To Buy An Exilim Phone Feel Like A Pervert

Casio’s Exilim Phone Ads Make Me <strike>Want To Buy An Exilim Phone</strike> Feel Like A Pervert

There’s a thin line between effectively using skin to sell a product and making your audience feel like sex creeps. With these vaguely porny Exilim C721 phone ads, Casio is nowhere near it.

The information that they manage to get across in the first ad is that the phone is waterproof resistant, has a 5.1-megapixel camera and will be carried by Verizon. It looks like a sort of photography-oriented G’zOne, which would actually make it an attractive phone for outdoorsy/extreme sport types.

The second ad is a 31-second gag about ejaculating on a lady’s face. [Gearlog]

[Note: For anyone who isn’t sure that this ad is real, consider that the phone—an Exilim C721—hasn’t even been officially announced yet, much less released. It’s not a professional ad by any means, but Casio almost had to have a hand in it.]