Can You Access BlackBerry's App World?

Blackberry App world.jpgWhen I tried to access Blackberry's App World the other day, I got the above error message. But when our old mate Seamus tried it on his Bold, he got straight through, like his Bold was a Batphone and the App World was Commissioner Gordon's office. Now I happen to know Shay had some major issues with his Bold while he was setting it up to work with his network, so I'm thinking that it might have been unlocked or something in the process and lost its region setting. And if that's the case, I wonder if there's anyone clever enough to exploit it for the Australian masses - considering it just uses PayPal as its currency platform, there really isn't any reason why we don't have access to the store.

In any case, Shay's got a clip over at Midnight Update of the store in action, which looks nice enough, but not overly compelling. Check it out for yourself if you're interested, then work out a way the rest of us can get on there.

[Midnight Update]

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