Buy Yourself A Copy Of The Windows 7 Beta On eBay

windows 7 ebay.pngDid you miss out on the public beta for Windows 7? Are you still dying to test out the software without having to hit up bittorrent or other online services? Are you willing to pay for it? Because if so, some enterprising entrepreneur is selling DVD copies of the Windows 7 Beta (7068 build) on eBay for as little as $5.95!But he's not selling the software. Oh, no. He's selling the service. In his own words:

This is solely for the people who do not have the time or the internet capacity to download the iso file that Microsoft provides. I am getting a dollar or two for burning this on DVD for you guys as a service. Please get this right, everyone. You are not paying for the software, but for the blank DVD and my burning time, the cardboard envelope + postage to you. I am doing this, as I see lots of people are looking for a service like this. People want to test out the Windows 7 before the full release, but whos going to pay $$$ if you don't know how it performs in your system?? So I'll burn it for you. As simple as that.

Yes, indeed.

[Ebay - Thanks James!]

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