British Navy Fighting Somali Pirates With...Email?

So email might not be the only stopgap method of prevention the British Navy is using to fight pirates, but Wired says it serves as a vital tool in executing complex and precise operations.

In addition to email, British Naval commanders are always in contact via satellite link to coordinate amongst themselves (and with other foreign military agencies) in figuring out who is nearest and best-equipped to take on any given pirate threat.

The military has even adopted a trick the pirates have been using for the last few years, where they let the naval destroyer serve as a mothership where they deploy smaller, faster boats to run pirates down. They've even resumed the practice of boarding enemy ships for some good ol' fashioned Pirates vs Navy swashbuckling action, minus the swords, puffy shirts and parrots. No word on eyepatches and peglegs. Anyways, the whole article is available over at [Wired] .

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