Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-cows.jpgIn case you missed it yesterday afternoon, Paramount had a last minute change of heart which meant I could publish my Star Trek review (instead of waiting until April 21). Verdict: a phenomenal film. Make sure you have a read.

The Nintendo DSi, Dissected Ewww! Gross!

Apple's Legal Showdown Over Multitouch Begins, With Palm Nowhere To Be Seen Yay for lawsuits! Wait...

I Switched to Mac After a Lifetime of Windows, and It Doesn't Matter Damn right it doesn't matter. But I still prefer using a Mac myself...

Art Peaks Forever as Two Chicks Lightsaber Battle in Their Underwear Without Irony Very slightly NSFW, but a nice way to start your morning nonetheless.

Netbooks Still Aren't Quite Ready for HD But really, when they are ready for HD, will they even be netbooks?

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