Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

breakfast-pancakes.jpgI'm still recovering from the Star Trek premiere last night. The word I'd use to describe it starts with 'A' and ends with 'wesome'. Plus, I'm sitting down with some of the cast today, so stay tuned for more!

iTunes Tiered Pricing Goes Live, We Get Gently Screwed Sure, there's going to be a teething period, but it's the same situation here in AU, at least as far as I can tell...

Next PSP Due Before Christmas, Will Feature TWO Thumbsticks?? As much as I want this, there's going to be a lot of current PSP owners who'll be pretty pissed that their UMD game collection won't transfer over...

Blockbuster Is On Its Deathbed I wonder what this means for Australia, and their online distribution arrangement with TiVo?

iPhone 3.0's Video Recording Interface Revealed It'll only be available for the next version of iPhone hardware though - if it was coming to your iPhone 3G, they'd have mentioned it at the iPhone 3.0 event.

National Federation of the Blind Protests Author's Guild Over Kindle 2's Text-to-Speech I wonder how many individual authors agree to the Guild's demands?

Dealzmodo Hack: Don't Give Up On Your Symbian Phone Ignore the US-centric Symbian negativity and downlload these apps, Nokia owners!

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