Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

breakfast-coffee.jpgPirate Bay Judge Linked With Copyright Lobby, Faces Accusations of Bias Typical.

The Accidental Typography of Google Maps Two reasons I love this: 1 - it's Australian. 2 - it's awesome.

A Lost Laptop Costs Companies $US50,000 That's one hella expensive laptop. Must be lined with gold.

What Ho! A New Pentax DSLR Looms, Coming May 21 I feel so inadequate - I have two DSLRs, and neither shoot HD video...

Downloader Beware: Windows 7 Release Candidate Torrents Are Fake (So Far) Torrent at your own risk, then.

Why Apple's MobileMe Doesn't Work As a $US100 Service Because you can get it all for free anyway?

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