Bodelin ProPrompter Turns the iPhone Into a Teleprompter

Teleprompters are one of those systems that's seeded in old, expensive video traditions, mandating superfluous equipment to achieve something absurdly simple to do in 2009. The ProPrompter agrees with this philosophy.

Using the aluminium ProPrompter Wing, an iPhone or iPod touch can be mounted to any tripod to work alongside small to midsized camcorders for a teleprompter system that's readable from 15 feet away. The $US99 (introductory price) system is coupled a free software available in the App Store.

Of course, as the company is catering to the pro video crowd, there's also a ProPrompter ProMag rig that features a more studio-traditional setup including an anti-reflection hood and beam splitting glass. That'll run you $US695 (introductory). Well, not you. I mean somebody with too much money to spend on gimmicky teleprompter equipment. [gizmag]

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