BMW's Smart Car Doors Stay Shut When Danger Is Around

Getting out of a car parked on a busy street can be dangerous. Good thing BMW has created a prototype of a smart car door that won't open if it detects hazards coming at you.

BMW has teamed up with Technical University of Munich in creating these smart car doors, which have produced positive results so far. They expect these doors to be available on the market within the next 12 months, although the doors might be licensed to other manufacturers instead of BMW's own cars.

I can see this type of technology being useful when I have to park along extremely busy street in San Francisco. But then again, I can also see this being a safety hazard: For instance, being taken hostage in your own car and needing to jump out at a stoplight as a biker approaches your door from behind. Or being John McClane, having to jump out of the vehicle as your car goes flying at helicopters in the sky. Yipee-kay-ay mother serious-relationship-haver! [CraveUK via CNet]

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