BigPond Launches News Ticker App For Windows Users

Bigpond news ticker.pngI actually reckon that having a news ticker scrolling across the bottom of my computer screen would be incredibly useful way of getting the latest news. Especially if I could customise the types of headlines and add RSS feeds to it like you can with the BigPond ticker. Unfortunately, I can't because BigPond has made their Ticker Windows-only, meaning Mac users like me miss out, at least for the time being.Apparently they're "looking into a Mac version" though, at which point I'd probably download it. Sure, all the headlines are going to come from BigPond, but with the ability to add an RSS feed by dragging the RSS icon into the ticker bar, it's incredibly easy to add your own content - like Gizmodo - and it looks like a fairly unobtrusive way to get the latest headlines.

Also worth noting is that any data is unmetered for BigPond users, although I can't imagine that scrolling headlines would suck up too much bandwidth...

If any of you PC users out there are game to try it out, let us know what you think in comments.


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