Best Buy Sells Customer a Large Brick In Place of a MacBook Pro. Literally.

In what's possibly the meanest anti-Apple pun ever, Consumerist reader Ryan was sold an actual brick in a box instead of the MacBook Pro for which he paid over $US2,000.

He purchased the "MacBook Pro" at a Best Buy in Texas, and the retailer is citing the problem as Apple's responsibility rather than its own. The box was apparently sealed with the brick (a paving stone, really, but I've already eked two jokes out of calling it a brick and I refuse to let that kind of thing pass me by) inside, which does seem like it would be a bizarre screwup on Apple's end. Ryan hasn't gotten the mess sorted out with his credit card company, Best Buy, or Apple, but this is so ridiculous somebody's bound to refund his money. [Consumerist]

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