Bandai's Somen-Making Noodleslide Is the Most Fun You Could Possibly Have With Food

I like to imagine this Bandai Noodle-maker/slide helped turn this family from dysfunctional and unhappy, to loving and close-knit. Do you see how much fun they're having watching their dinner fall 18-inches in dramatic fashion?

Lisa over at Tokyo Mango writes that the Somen noodles start their journey from the house at the top of the slide, twisting and turning their way to the bottom, where the food is met by a strainer. It also looks like there are parts of the slide that house extra ingredients or something. WOWEEE!

I want one, and I want one now. Maybe if I bring this home next time I have dinner with my parents, my dad won't consider me the great disappointment of his life? [Impress via Tokyo Mango]

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