BakerTweets Are the Most Delicious Tweets Ever

I want one of these installed at Momofuku Milk Bar, Doughnut Plant and City Bakery: BakerTweet tells all of the baker's followers on Tjavascript:void(0);witter what hot deliciousness just came out of the oven.

BakerTweet is made up of a bunch of Arduino hardware and a Wi-Fi adaptor encased in a "bakery-proof" box with a simple knob to twist to select what just came out of the oven. BakerTweet then sends the blurb out over Twitter, where anyone can see. Albion Cafe in London is testing BakerTweet, and their Twitter feed makes me hungry: "Bouncy, beautiful cup cakes, nice and iced, plump, and ready for your delight. come and get 'em."

[BakerTweet via SlashGear]

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