Archos 2 And 4 MP3 Players Offer Ho-Hum Update at an Affordable Price

Touch economic times call for cheap MP3 players (don't they?), and Archos is trying to deliver, if a pair of low cost updates ever come to fruition.

Called the Archos 2 and 4, the two players are light on features, which explains the relatively low price point. It's nothing ground breaking, of course, but $60 for the .035-inch 8 GB Archos 2, now on Amazon, is somewhat decent. There's also a microSD expansion slot, 1.8-inch 128x160 screen, and a voice recorder. A 16GB version goes for about $US92, but is as of yet only available to ze Germans.

Less is known about the aptly named Archos 4. It will apparently have a 4-inch screen and a 16GB or 32GB storage capacity. Unlike its 2 series cousin, this model is not yet available anywhere, including Germany. [Amazon, Archos Lounge via Engadget]

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