Apple's $US30 Time Capsule Discount Could Point at 2TB Time Capsule?

Apple's offering a $US30 discount to MobileMe users on both OS X Leopard and Time Capsule. This makes us think that a 2TB Time Capsule is coming soon. Here's why.

• Snow Leopard is due out soon, so Apple needs to clear out Leopard inventory via a $US30 discount
• 2TB hard drives just hit the market relatively recently, so NASes and other storage devices using 2TB are the next logical step
ClubMac and MacMall both showed rendered box shots of a 2TB Time Capsule drive

So with the above points, it seems likely to conclude that Apple's either phasing out the 500GB Time Capsule units in order to make room for the 2TB ones, or just want to reward the people who have been MobileMe customers for a while.

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