Apple Counts Down Up to 1 Billion Apps: Win $US10,000 iTunes Gift Card, MacBook Pro and More

Can you believe it? The App Store hit 500 million downloads just three months ago, and Apple's already counting down to 1 billion. Crazier still, they're giving away free stuff to celebrate.

It's pretty easy—download any app from your computer, iPhone or iPod touch (or fill out this form) and you're automatically entered to win. Every app download counts as an entry, and you're limited to 25 entries a day. Update: To be clear, here's the exact wording on how to win:

The prize will be awarded for the entry (either through an app download or through the non-purchase online entry) sent immediately following the download of the 999,999,999th app. The potential winner will be determined by the order of the entries received. In the event that more than one entrant would be a winner based on the simultaneous timing of entries, one entrant will be randomly selected from those entrants as the winner.

The prize package includes a $US10,000 iTunes Gift card, "fully loaded" MacBook Pro, 32GB iPod touch and Time Capsule. Which is actually a really conservative prize package—worth around $US14,000 $US13,476. Where's the $US100,000 iTunes gift card? The titanium-plated MacBook Pro? The iPod touch polished with Steve Jobs' tears? You only turn 1,000,000,000 once, you know.

With only about 70 million apps to go, we've got less than two weeks before the big 1-0 (0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0). What are you going to download? [Apple]

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