AP Threatens to Sue AP Affiliate for Embedding Official AP YouTube Vids

I think the AP needs to hire an internet consultant. Because it's clearly run by people who have absolutely no idea how the internet works. How else can one explain their behavior?

First, the AP decided that fair use wasn't real and said it would start going after people for even using their headlines with links to their content. Now? The Associated Press has gone after one of its own affiliates for posting an AP video. An AP video embedded from the official AP YouTube page. Are you fucking serious, AP?

The executive who called the station accused them of "stealing our licensed content." Here's a quote from an interview from the obviously frustrated station manager:

And we're an A.P. affiliate for crying out loud! I stumped him on that one... What is really shocking is that they were shocked that they've got a YouTube channel that people are embedding on their Websites. He seemed shocked by that. "Oh, I am going to have to look into that" is what he told me.

Wow. Just, wow. [TechCrunch]

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