Acrylic Cowboy Revolutionizes the PC Case by Eliminating the PC Case

This is as barebones as PC cases get: A small piece of plastic with just enough room for the essential PC guts. Observant types will notice that sides and a top are not included.

The "Acrylic Cowboy," which seems like kind of a self-aggrandizing name for a slab of plastic, includes space for a small motherboard (ATX and Micro ATX only), power supply, hard drive, and optical drive. It's available for only 7,500 yen, which is about $75.50 USD, and the seller warns that all included parts are in Japanese (so if you're not up on your Japanese lessons, good luck). It doesn't warn that geeks who balance their Big Gulps of Mountain Dew on their desks should maybe look for a case that's, you know, enclosed, but that's probably because they're aiming for the Japanese market. [The Raw Feed]

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