Acer and Gateway's Army of Netbooks Led by 11.6-Inch Aspire One

Acer is the number one maker of netbooks, so it's not surprising they've got a brand new brigade. They're all 10.1 and 11.6 inchers—the days of the 9-inch netbook are over.

They're all a clear step above the last generation of netbooks in terms of design as well—as you can see, none of them are ugly, and they have massive, mostly comfortable keyboards.

The new Aspire One grows to 11.6 inches while slimming down to under an inch thick, has an LED-backlit WXGA screen to go with it, dragging the battery life out to a supposed eight hours. It's got 3G built-in, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Dolby speakers. Of course it runs Atom, and has a 160GB hard drive.

Gateway's netbooks also balloon up to 10.1 and 11.6 inches with the LT20 and LT30. I think they're better looking than the Aspire One—the cherry red one. They've got pretty much the same guts, and a multi-touch trackpad for gestures.

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