A Tour of MSI's Thin and Light X340 Laptop

Every major netbook manufacturer has their own budget MacBook Air-like system coming to the market soon. Here's the first look at something slightly more spacious, MSI's X340, a full-sized 13.4-inch laptop in a petite frame.

The sub-1.3kg system toured in this clip is loaded with an Intel Celeron M 725, which should be faster than an Atom. The 15.6-inch version comes with a Core 2 Solo. More about 'em both here.

Those of you who speak German will probably mind the incessant slurs intended to offend American audiences, but luckily, I don't speak a word of it so I was able to enjoy the mechanics of battery removal with no guilt for enjoying my sausages on a bun. [via CrunchGear]

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