A Peek Inside A Gadget Recycling Factory

Our favourite electronics aren't always the easiest items to recycle, but Wired took a tour of a factory where they're stripped down to their essential parts so manufacturers can reuse the good bits.

The gadgets are separated into categories, and then ripped apart for the valuable or recyclable parts, like glass, steel, aluminium, and more valuable metals like copper and gold. They use a special machine with teeth to separate copper from steel and aluminium, and then magnets to separate the latter two. As expected, the batteries are placed in hazardous waste containers, since they're by far the most environmentally harmful piece of any given gadget, and are shipped to specialised outposts who deal with them.

Factories like this are a big step up from our previous recycling protocol, which was to mail our junk overseas where the restrictions are much more lenient (and harmful). Check out this link for instructions on how to responsibly recycle your dead toys. [Wired]

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