A Man Finds an Actual Card Skimmer in the Wild, in the Flesh

What? No way. Something thought to be of an urban legend—or maybe just a story we'd only see on 20/20—a real, normal person has actually found proof of the the ever evasive credit-card skimmer.

Consumerist reader, Dan, was at a local WaMu ATM getting cash when he realised something didn't feel quite right. After examining the money machine, he realised there was a card skimmer in the slot. Immediately, he ripped it off—which was probably quite easy seeing that it looks to be held together by masking tape—and took pictures of it before contacting Washing Mutual and the authorities. Surprisingly, the police admitted that this was the first time they had ever seen a card skimmer before. One mystery down, and so many more to go. What's next? I'm banking on exotic, hungry, and extremely poisonous spiders hiding in your toilet. [Consumerist via BBG]

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