With a Straight Face, Apple Charges $US200 for 1GB of RAM, 200GB of HD Space in New Mac Minis

Now I hate to sound like a broken record here, but am I the only one mystified by the new Mac Mini pricing? Who's dropping $US200 more for the higher end model?

It's all right there in the specs. There are two models: a $US600 model and an $US800 model. Literally the only difference between the two is a bump from 1GB of RAM to 2GB of RAM and from a 120GB HDD to a 320GB HDD. Same processor, same graphics, same SuperDrive.

I know that Apple uses components made from the powdered bones of unicorns, but this seems egregious even by their standards. Am I missing something here?

Maybe I should stop being surprised. After every new product unveiling or spec bump, I go from being interested in maybe buying one of these products to being offended by their pricing. Maybe if I start off offended I'll be pleasantly surprised when I'm only a little taken aback and not furious.

Update: There's also a difference in the graphics card of 128MB vs 256MB, but its the same card with different allocations from the RAM due to the higher amount in the $US800 model.

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