Windows Media Centre Gets Sports Channel With Pretty Good College Hoops Coverage

Microsoft's bringing the "Sports Channel" to Windows Media Centre (Vista), which is to College Basketball what the Olympics On The Go was to the Beijing Olympics.

The channel goes live now, and gives men's college basketball coverage by providing 1-2 minute highlights of every game, post game interviews, buzzer beaters (the last 2-10 minutes in a very tight game), and full games in "condensed" form. The condensed form means you won't see time-outs and half-time, but you will see all of the standard play. It's free for Windows Vista media centre users, which is kind of a fantastic deal if you're a sports fan.

Microsoft plans to add more content in a similar vein (more sports, possibly TV and movie content) in the future, but they can't give any details.

AU: Don't hold your breath, Australia.

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