Wii Peripheral to Make Karaoke Even More Awkward

In case you found drunkenly singing famous songs off-key in front of friends, co-workers and strangers alike to be a positive experience, maybe you could try singing into this new Wii toilet plunger.

Karaoke Joysound Wii, a new game by Hudson, comes packaged with the "Not Noisy Kara OK!" peripheral—essentially a USB microphone with one of those female pee funnels on top. It's all available for import if you've got about $US35.

But while the "Not Noisy Kara OK!" can be rinsed with soap and water for friends to share, nothing can wash away the dirty, guilty feelings you have the morning after you wake from a karaoke binge. There are stains on your life that even bleach cannot erase. [JTT via Kotaku]

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