Whirlpool's 2008 Broadband Survey Shows Australians Don't Want An Internet Filter

whirlpool survey 08.gifThe results of Whirlpool's annual broadband survey have been released today, and unsurprisingly one of the most clear-cut results was that there is no mandate for ISP-level filtering from the government. Of the 19,763 completed entries, almost 90% said they would opt out of the optional adult-content filter proposed by the Labor government. Other bits of unsurprising information in that 75% of those surveyed thinks we should skip the Fibre-to-the-Node NBN rollout and go for more advanced technologies like Fibre-to-the-Home.

When it comes to breaking down Australia's best ISP, the results are quite complex and murky, but iiNet and Internode both perform exceptionally well, while Telstra's higher prices and lower download limits saw people leaving for other ISPs.

There's plenty more juicy information in the results, so head on over to the Whirlpool forums to see how your ISP stacks up against the competition.


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