When Gizmodo Commenters Overtake Gizmodo Writers

When CNN sums up Gizmodo, you might think about Jason Chen's pantsings or Mark Wilson's hilarious turn of a phrase (no to that second one? fair enough). Instead, it's all about OMG! Ponies!.

CNN's article starts out nicely enough, tipping the hat to our beloved super commenter:

"If I'm going to buy something, I want it to count. I want it to last," said Baron, who incidentally goes by "OMG! Ponies!" when he posts comments on Gizmodo, a popular tech and gadget blog.

So, even though he'd like to upgrade his 4½ -year-old HDTV, this cowboy's holding back the reins. And while the latest iPhone was a "must have" for Baron, he said he's "waiting to pull the trigger" on that camera he's been circling. "I just can't go out and spend $US400 right now."

But then, when our writer and feature editor Wilson Rothman shows up, it's like he works for Ponies or something:

"What he's telling you is right, but it's only half the story," said Wilson Rothman, feature editor at Gizmodo, the site "OMG! Ponies!" frequents.

I love it. Gizmodo is now known as "the site OMG! Ponies! frequents." You can put that one on your resume, Roth. And Ponies, please, please don't fire me. [CNN Thanks Alex!]

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