What Is This?

It looks like the lastest image from a NASA spacecraft, approaching the surface of a satellite on the outskirts of the Solar System. Or maybe one from the deepest underwater exploration voyage ever.

It's actually an UV view of the tattoo on Otzi's right ankle, the Stone Age warrior who was found by tourists on the Alps, over the Italian-Austrian border.

Otzi was frozen 5,300 years ago and he was found in an unprecedented conservation state for its age, complete with soft tissue, hair, and utensils. It can now be seen with the creepiest detail in a new web site, after researchers took 150,000 high definition images from 12 different angles, including 3D and UV views. Using an interface similar to Google Maps, you can now pan around and zoom in and out to see the tiniest details of its body.

For the pervs out there, no, his schlong wasn't neither frozen or Dr Manhattan blue. It just wasn't there. [Iceman Photo Scan]

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