Wacom Dips Toe In Club Scene With Nextbeat Wireless DJ Controller

Wacom, the tablet and touchscreen company that's made a name for itself in graphic design circles, is about to enter the club scene.

The entry is called Nextbeat, a music controller that lets prosumer DJs mix and manipulate their beats with a variety of touchscreen controls and a portable "pod" that docks with the main unit. In theory, it could allow DJs to leave the booth and enter the dance floor maelstrom, if they so choose.

The Nextbeat is slated for release in Europe (surprise) and Japan in the next few months. No pricing info was available, nor was there any mention of this portable beat box making an appearance Stateside. It will be on display, however, from March 24-28 in Miami Beach at the Winter Music Conference. Pacifier and glow sticks are not included [technabob]

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