Vuze (aka Azureus) Makes Torrenting Video Even Better With Easy Conversion and Streaming

Azureus (now Vuze) has always been one of the bloatier BitTorrent clients, but I've stuck with it because I like the new UI. Now it's even more useful: It streams and converts videos automatically.

There's a new Devices tab that'll ask you to install some extra components, like a transcoder and a plug-in to push it to iTunes. As you can see, it's pretty simple—you drag the file to the device you wanna stream it to (in Windows there's a 360 option) and then you click on the icon for the device you want it converted for, like iPod, iPhone, Apple TV (it moves it to your iTunes library automatically for these) or Xbox 360 or PS3.

Transcoding unfortunately takes a long time, but the same test video in the screenshot from the Mac above streamed instantly, without conversion, seamlessly from my Windows desktop to my Xbox 360. It shows up as another PC in the Xbox's My Video Library, as you can see. This might be the new best way to watch TV shows that don't make it to Netflix streaming or Hulu on your 360 or PS3, since it cuts out a lot of the middle man. Worth checking out, for sure. [Vuze]

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