Vertigo Self-Heating Food/Beverage Container Is Not A Bomb (...Right?)

This slick looking concept, called Vertigo, warms a beverage and some food, by way of a hand crank, in just minutes. Just keep it away from airports.

The shell is heat resistant up to 150 degrees, and includes a handy LED so you know when the food or beverage contained inside is ready for eating.

Sure the insides look like an incendiary device, but the slick form factor and real world applications make up for it. One caveat though. That "in just minutes" claim is a bit of a misnomer, even for a concept. One of the Yanko commenters did the math, and it would actually take about a half hour of nonstop cranking to get food or beverage to 60 degrees Celsius. Back to the drawing board.


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