UK Officers Seize Home Theatre From Family Over Noise Complaints

In Rochdale, Lancashire UK, the local government isn't taking any crap when it comes to noise pollution. After repeated complaints, officers seized around $US4000 worth of home theatre equipment from a local family.

All-in-all, Paul and Amanda Cregan have been ratted out six times by neighbours since 2006. When those warnings were ignored, officials finally arrived with a warrant and took a 52-inch plasma along with their stereo equipment—leaving only the remote.

"They took the main TV and left me with the remote. The woman laughed and said `You can keep that - it's no use now'.

"They were even going to take away the TV from the kids' rooms and the clock radios. We pleaded with them and my wife was arrested but eventually they felt sorry for us and left them."

If the Cregans want to get their stuff back, it will cost them about $850. On top of that, the city council warns that any future incidents could result in further seizures. So, the question is: were the actions of the city council appropriate given the situation? [Telegraph Image via ifyourstupid]

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