Tramontana R-Editon: Some F1 Racer Knocked Up a Jet

The Tramontana R-Editon, an F1/jet hybrid, is not some fantasy rendering. It's a real vehicle you can buy right now.

This 720HP vehicle is the product of fiery, diesel-loving Spaniards. (It's pretty much the exact car I'd imagine our own Jesus Diaz designing.) Powered by a V12 engine, the Tramontana R-Edition goes from 0-100 in 3.6 seconds. And much of the vehicle, including the chassis, body, that fighter jet cockpit and its rims, are constructed of carbon fibre.

In other words, it's a steal at $US500,000, the R-Edition's going price. And hey, if you can't afford the payments, chances are that you could outrun the authorities. [If It's Hip via Core77]

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