TiVo Hopping Into Bed With Internode For Unmetered Movie Downloads

TiVo_logo_outline_lg_RGB.jpgWell, this could be a very interesting proposition. According to Lara Sinclair over at The Australian, TiVo is shacking up with Internode to offer their own broadband plan in which TiVo downloads will be unmetered, meaning you can download and watch as many movies as you want without having to pay for bandwidth.The broadband service will launch alongside TiVo's movie download service, which will offer more than 100 movies (most will be pay-per-view). It's expected the broadband connection will cost between $79 and $99 a month on a two year contract, and includes the TiVo box, although there's no word on what kind of data limits that will include. Marketing for the service is expected to begin around March 24.

We're waiting on official word of this from either TiVo or Internode's people, but in the meantime, it's definitely worth checking out the Australian article, especially if youre thinking about getting a TiVo...

[The Australian]

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