Time-Travelling Victorian Torso Found on Google Street View

Google Street view has given us so much, especially in the realm of embarrassing drunken escapades. Here's something new: A time-travelling torso from Victorian England captured "coincidentally" at the most supernatural site in Wales.

Sure, some of you are probably thinking this is some kind of joke based on the one and only chance I'll have to use the phrase "Victorian Torso" in a Gizmodo headline. But the evidence speaks for itself. For one, if you squint your eyes really hard, then close them completely while imagining a Victorian torso, this looks exactly like a Victorian torso. See, there's that blurry thing that might be one of those old-timey hats, and there's another blurry thing that might be a waistcoat, or maybe a Golden Retriever. Second, the area where this shot was captured, Cardiff Bay, Wales, is known for unsolved murders and other mysteries, including some TV show I've never seen. That kind of correlation qualifies as empirical proof for one local "medium" (known here in the States as a "liar"), who specifies that people just don't wear waistcoats or hats anymore, and therefore this is clearly a time-traveller. The other explanations: This is a joke perpetrated by the tricksters over at Google, or possibly a joke perpetrated by the Telegraph based on said TV show I've never seen. [The Telegraph, thanks Tony!]

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