Timelapse Garden Video Camera Watches Your Garden Grow So You Don't Have to

Sure, Planet Earth was great. But what if you want to get stoned and gawk at time-lapsed videos of your own garden? The Timelapse Garden Video Camera can make that happen.

The Timelapse Garden Video Camera (henceforth TGVC) is a weatherproof digital camera that'll take interval photos and combine them into a neat 1280x1024 video file presumably via some custom software. The intervals can be anywhere from every five seconds to every 24 hours, and can shoot objects as close as 50cm away or as far as a 135cm wide view. It comes with a removable 2GB of storage and the battery will last for up to 4 months while taking a picture per hour. It costs $1US59.99, which is awfully cheap considering you'll pay about the same for a half-decent point-and-shoot that'll explode upon the first morning dew. Then how will you watch your tomato crop wither and die because you counted on God to water it for you? [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo]

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