TIE Fighter and Lightsaber Webcams Are Meticulously Detailed, Conceptually Strange

If you're in the market for these products, you probably have a powerful imagination. Where, then, would you prefer to stare? Into the laser cannons of the TIE, or directly into the lightsaber's hilt?

Forgetting about the conceptual weirdness, these cameras—both boasting 300,000 dot resolution, a built-in mic and LCDs for eerie illumination—do have one functional benefit over the USB hubs before them: they let you indulge your deepest fanboy desires and plop a Star Wars computers accessory on your desk, but in the one way that none of your Skype friends (read: actual friends) will ever have to know about. Genius.

If you are so inclined, they're about $US40 on pre-order, plus shipping from Japan. [Akihabara]

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