This Week On Dollhouse: Patton Oswalt, Amazon Kindle, and Sassy Nerd-Jabber

On last night's Dollhouse, geek god Patton Oswalt plays, well, a geek god who manages to name-check the Kindle in a totally non-derisive way. Check out the clip below.

Elements of Nerditude:

1. Patton Oswalt. Stand-up who riffs on Star Wars and comic books.
2. Joss Whedon. Nerd legend, creator of many sounds-dorky-but-actually-awesome shows.
3. Tahmoh Penikett. Otherwise known as Helo on Battlestar Galactica.
4. Amazon Kindle. Well, it's a gadget, at least.

Try to control yourselves. [io9's Dollhouse coverage, Dollhouse official website]

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