This iPhone App Will Result In At Least One Accidental Shooting

The RNSK "Bang! Bang!" iPhone app recreates the sound of several firearms using authentic Hollywood special effects, and will probably get you shot up for real. You even hold it like a real gun.

OK, strike that. This app will get you shot for real. Kai Cherry, of RnSK Softronics, told Tomorrowland that each gun is "carefully crafted," all the way down to the "specific look, realistic options, and unique animations" of the real world gun they're based on. There's even a safety to keep things responsible.

It's unofficially available now at the App Store ("official launch" is Monday), although we doubt it will be making an appearance in one of Apple's trendy iPhone app ads anytime soon. An "O.G. version" complete with filed of serial number, I shit you not, is due out soon:

Word is you can hold it sideways, because that looks cooler. [Tomorrowland - Thanks, Michael!]

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