There's a New BBQ Sheriff In Town

Lighting a BBQ can be done with a match. But, as any NRA member can attest, it's a job best left to a gun.

The Shoot and Cook Rifle BBQ Lighter is a 36cm implement that can set pretty much any flammable material on fire. Sure, it's designed to light coals on a grill, but I can think of plenty of uses for a flame-inducing side arm.

Imagine, you're at a bar. A lady needs a light. You reach into your pocket and pull out the Shoot and Cook Rifle BBQ Lighter. She says, "Oh no he's got a gun!!" Bouncers rush toward you. They can't tell if the tiny rifle is real, but these guys aren't taking any chances.

By the time the night is through, you've both had your heart broken and seen what human bone looks like when exposed to air. $US10. [Bass Pro Shops via OhGizmo!]

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