There Is 12GB of RAM in This Asus G71gx Laptop Desktop in a Box

Sure, the new 17-inch MacBook Pros stuff 8 hours of power inside. But whatevers. Asus's G71gx gaming notebook crams in 12 gigabytes of RAM. That's more RAM than most netbooks have for storage.

And, it'll have a Blu-ray option, up to 1TB of storage (via two 500GB drives), and Nvidia's latest mobile GPU, the 1GB GeForce GTX 260M, which delivers a 50 percent performance boost over last gen's 9800M series using the same amount of power, and can be configured in a SLI setup for two graphics cards.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is a real 17-inch notebook: A desktop in a box. You'll need a forklift to move it and it gets approximately seven minutes of battery life running off of its nano nuclear power plant, but it has everything you need inside, except a refrigerator to hold your Yoohoo. [Tom's Hardware]

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