The Great Pyramid PC Would Make Tutankhamun Jealous

When I die, I want my remains buried in this pyramid PC mod.

Just 3.4kg, the mighty pyramid pc's frame was constructed from laser cut, black and silver aluminium before acrylic panelling sealed the system off to grave robbers and historians. Two 80mm fans keep things frosty with the assistance of liquid cooling. And, of course, a few extra LEDs have been added here and there to bring a little glam to the shabby old pyramids.

CPU: Q6600 B3 OC @ 3.15 GHz (Max stable OC @ 3.4 GHz) - "water cooled"
RAM: G-Skills 4GB PC2-8000 OC @ 1066 MHz
GPU: 512 MB 8800GT Zotac AMP Editions (700 MHz Core/ 2000 Mhz Memory)
HDD: 500 GB Cavier WD 300 SATA
PSU: 500 Watts Rosewill
Cooling: Thermaltake Tide water plus w/ Swiftech apogee GT CPU block

I do wish Dell/Alienware put out machines that were this bold in design. Because, why not? The world isn't exactly short on tower PCs.[Power Up! via Geeky Gadgets]

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